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Bridge collapse in Pakistan due to glacier lake outburst flood

Extraordinary record-high temperatures in Pakistan triggered the collapse of the Hassanabad Bridge along the Karakoram Highway in the Hunza Valley. The ongoing unprecedented heat wave melted ice on Shisper Glacier, creating ...

Every heatwave enhanced by climate change: experts

All heatwaves today bear the unmistakable and measurable fingerprint of global warming, top experts on quantifying the impact of climate change on extreme weather said Wednesday.

Resurrecting a 'lost' coral species

With about one-third of the world's corals currently under threat of extinction due to climate change, Curtin researchers have made the encouraging discovery of a "lost" species of coral that had been hidden for more than ...

Climate-smart policies could see crop yields soar

Implementing climate-smart policies such as irrigation and growing recommended crops could increase crop production by 50 to 700% in Sub-Saharan Africa, a modeling tool shows.

Literature review of farming and climate studies

The understanding and response to the impact of climate change on agriculture will have repercussions for many years to come in terms of food security and the ongoing climate crisis itself. It is important that we can assess ...

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