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Mars Express peers into Mars' 'Grand Canyon'

The latest image release from ESA's Mars Express takes us over two ruptures in the Martian crust that form part of the mighty Valles Marineris canyon system.

Geologic map of the entire moon at 1:2,500,000 scale

Chinese scientists have created the most detailed map of the moon yet. It took them 10 years and involved hundreds of researchers. The new map will be a boon to lunar exploration and for anyone who just wants to study our ...

Image: Tantalus Fossae on Mars

This network of long grooves and scratches forms part of a giant fault system on Mars known as Tantalus Fossae, and is shown here as seen by ESA's Mars Express. At first glance, these features look as if someone has raked ...

Researcher confirms hottest rock on record

If there was ever any doubt the 2011 discovery by a post-doctoral student was indeed the hottest rock on Earth, new findings from a Western-led research team are putting that uncertainty to rest.

New views of ice-related features in Mars' impact basin

New views from ESA's Mars Express reveal fascinating ice-related features in Mars' Utopia region—home to the largest known impact basin not only on the Red Planet, but in the Solar System.

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