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The language of health and wealth

What impact does a person's proficiency in English as a second language have on their health and economic integration when they settle in the U.S.? That's the issue addressed in new research published in the International ...

Empathy exacerbates discussions about immigration

Discussions about immigration are heated, even antagonistic. But what happens when supporters and opponents undertake to show more empathy and engage in perspective taking, two types of behavior that can ease tension? A study ...

How immigrants are portrayed on TV has real-life ramifications

The nonprofit media advocacy organization Define American, in collaboration with the Norman Lear Center Media Impact Project at USC Annenberg, has released its second-annual report "Change the Narrative, Change the World: ...

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Immigration is the arrival of new individuals into a habitat or population. It is a biological concept and is important in population ecology, differentiated from emigration and migration.

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