Facebook, the metaverse and the monetisation of higher education

The metaverse is a virtual world in which users, represented by an avatar, can shop, socialize, take part in leisure activities—and learn. Its development has become a priority for many tech companies, including Facebook ...

A brief history of immersion, centuries before VR

Immersive experiences are fashionable at the moment, as virtual reality finally emerges into the mainstream with headsets now commercially available. But immersion is a technique much older than technology. It is the key ...

Immersive journalism in a post-truth world

In a recent Frontiers in Digital Humanities article, Eva Dominguez, a senior digital communication consultant and multimedia journalist, analyzes the rise of immersive journalism and its particular set of challenges.

LG to launch curved smartphone in Europe

South Korea's LG Electronics said on Tuesday it would start selling its first curved-screen smartphone—seen as a first step to fully flexible products—in Europe next month.

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