60 years of Antarctic ice sheet data released

In a significant milestone for Antarctic research, detailed and extensive information on ice thickness and bed topography is now available for the first time in a centralized and standardized format.

New model enhances wave forecasting in ice-covered waters

A research paper published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences sheds light on the relationship between sea ice thickness and wind wave modules in the marginal ice zone. The study introduces a parameterization scheme that ...

Arctic sea ice thinning faster than expected

Sea ice in the coastal regions of the Arctic may be thinning up to twice as fast as previously thought, according to a new modelling study led by UCL researchers.

Glaciers in Canada found to be thicker than previously suggested

Among snowy, ice-capped peaks in the northernmost section of western Canada's Columbia River Basin, a research team, led by University of British Columbia Ph.D. student Ben Pelto, collected measurements of glacier thickness. ...

Warmer winters mean more rain on the Svalbard archipelago

It's often said that the Arctic is one of the places most vulnerable to climate change. Temperatures are climbing faster there than anywhere else on the planet. Increasing winter temperatures mean increasing amounts of rain ...

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