Melting glaciers contribute to Alaska earthquakes

In 1958, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake triggered a rockslide into Southeast Alaska's Lituya Bay, creating a tsunami that ran 1,700 feet up a mountainside before racing out to sea.

Ice loss likely to continue in Antarctica

A new international study led by Monash University climate scientists has revealed that ice loss in Antarctica persisted for many centuries after it was initiated and is expected to continue.

Image: Spalte Glacier breaks up

This series of four Copernicus Sentinel-2 images captured between 29 June and 24 July 2020, shows a segment of the largest ice shelf in the Arctic break up and shatter into a flotilla of small icebergs totalling an area of ...

Antarctic sea ice loss explained in new study

Scientists have discovered that summer sea ice in the Weddell Sea area of Antarctica has decreased by one million square kilometres—an area twice the size of Spain—in the last five years, with implications for the marine ...

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