Dental crowding: Ancient baleen whales had a mouth full

A strange phenomenon happens with modern blue whales, humpback whales and gray whales: they have teeth in the womb but are born toothless. Replacing the teeth is baleen, a series of plates composed of thin, hair- and fingernail-like ...

How do humpback whales rest?

An international research collaboration has used an omnidirectional camera attached to humpback whales to reveal how these creatures rest underwater. These findings demonstrate how wide-angle lens cameras can be useful tools ...

Humpback whales impacted by climate change

The breeding success of humpback whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence has fallen significantly, according to a new study led by the University of St Andrews.

Blue whales return to South Georgia after near extinction

An international research team led by UK scientists has revealed the return of critically endangered Antarctic blue whales to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, 50 years after whaling all but wiped them out. The new ...

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