Most influential Twitter users revealed

With over 5.6 million followers each, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are the most popular people followed on the social networking site Twitter. But they're not necessarily the most influential.

Manure could fuel data centers, HP scientists say

Giving new meaning to the term "server farm," a team of Hewlett-Packard researchers has come up with a plan for combining cow chips and computer chips to build an environmentally friendly data center -- powered by manure.

Seeing a fabulous vision of the future

It was a harmonic convergence of scheduling that found me spending six solid hours with some of Silicon Valley's brightest minds. Without giving it much thought, I committed recently to a morning of meetings at Hewlett-Packard's ...

HP Labs says reorg paying off with new money-making technology

If Hewlett-Packard hadn't reorganized its research efforts a little more than a year ago, according to Prith Banerjee, director of the world-renowned HP Labs, people on the business side of the company might be asking some ...