Quantifying the complex interplay behind heat waves

Unusually hot weather in India and Pakistan at the end of March; a long, warmer-than-average summer in central Europe; extreme December temperatures in northern Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay: 2022 was definitely a year ...

California: Drought, record heat, fires and now maybe floods

Californians tried to weather the extremes of a changing climate Friday, as a punishing heat wave that has helped fuel deadly wildfires had the state teetering on the edge of blackouts for a 10th consecutive day while a tropical ...

Power cuts and sleepless nights in China's record heatwave

The lights are out along a once-bustling boulevard in a tourist spot at the epicenter of China's hottest summer on record, as people take refuge indoors from the searing heat engulfing the country's southwest.

Sahara desert dust coats swathes of Spain

A mass of hot air from the Sahara desert dumped dust on large parts of Spain including Madrid on Tuesday, colouring the sky orange and coating cars and streets.

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