First early human fossil found in Africa makes debut

Just over 90 years ago a discovery was made that started a fascinating journey exploring human evolution in Africa. The Broken Hill skull was the first early human fossil to be found in Africa and evidence suggests it probably ...

Skilled hunters 300,000 years ago

Finds from early stone age site in north-central Germany show that human ingenuity is nothing new – and was probably shared by now-extinct species of humans.

Largest group of fossil humans are Neanderthals after all

( -- The world's largest known sample of fossil humans has been classified as the species Homo heidelbergensis but in fact are early Neanderthals, according to a study by Prof Chris Stringer of the Natural History ...

Back ache has been a pain for millions of years

( -- Research by a Cambridge archaeologist shows that back pain caused untold misery long before we started staring into screens and slumping on sofas.