New Homeland Security center to guard against cyberattacks

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is creating a center aimed at protecting banks, electric companies and other critical infrastructure against cyberattacks—a threat that now exceeds the danger of a physical attack ...

Russian hackers tricked people into giving their passwords

Russian hackers who penetrated hundreds of U.S. utilities, manufacturing plants and other facilities last year gained access by using the most conventional of phishing tools, tricking staffers into entering passwords, officials ...

States await election security reviews as primaries heat up

With the midterm congressional primaries about to go into full swing, the Department of Homeland Security has completed security reviews of election systems in only about half the states that have requested them so far.

New laser technique may help detect chemical warfare in atmosphere

The Department of Homeland Security could benefit from a reliable, real-time instrument that could scan the atmosphere for toxic agents in order to alert communities to a biological or chemical attack. UCF optics and photonics ...

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Homeland security

The term homeland security refers to a security effort by a government to protect a nation against perceived external or internal threat.

The term is almost exclusively used in the United States; elsewhere, the activities of "homeland security" fall under a combination of national security and associated security services or the customs services of the country (for example, HM Revenue and Customs in the UK). The term arose following a merger of several U.S. governmental agencies to form the United States Department of Homeland Security after the September 11 attacks, and may be used to refer to the actions of that department.

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