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California milestone: 4 million acres burned in wildfires

California is poised to hit a fearsome milestone: 4 million acres (1.6 million hectares) burned this year by wildfires that have killed 31 people and incinerated hundreds of homes in what is already the worst fire season ...

Buoy oh buoy! Floating instruments receive major upgrade

A PNNL research team has upgraded the instrumentation on two lidar buoys used to capture data that help advance the scientific understanding of offshore wind and its energy-producing potential. The buoys were equipped with ...

The candy-cola soda geyser experiment, at different altitudes

Dropping Mentos candies into a bottle of soda causes a foamy jet to erupt. Although science fair exhibitors can tell you that this geyser results from rapid degassing of the beverage induced by the candies, the precise means ...

Mountain vegetation dries out Alpine water fluxes

ETH researchers confirm the paradox: rather than withering during droughts, plants at higher elevations absolutely thrive, as a study just published in the journal Nature Climate Change shows.

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