Blink and you'll miss these plants shooting their seeds

If you happened upon a witch hazel plant in the forest, you might describe it as a sweet-smelling shrub with crinkly ribbon-like petals. But to Duke University graduate student Justin Jorge, it's a howitzer.

Researchers visualize novel catalyst at work

A novel catalysis scheme enables chemical reactions that were previously virtually impossible. A method developed at the University of Bonn is also environmentally friendly and does not require rare and precious metals.

Robo-bird teaches young zebra finches to sing

How do young zebra finches learn to sing? A research team led by researcher Katharina Riebel has developed a "RoboFinch" to study just that. She and colleagues in the "Seeing voices" research consortium have spent the past ...

A new ring system discovered in our solar system

Scientists have discovered a new ring system around a dwarf planet on the edge of the solar system. The ring system orbits much further out than is typical for other ring systems, calling into question current theories of ...

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