Why genes don't hold all the answers for biologists

It is still widely believed that the gene is the foundation of life – that its discovery has provided information about how all living beings are controlled by the genetic factors they inherit from their parents.

China university 'expels student over genetic blood disease'

A student in Beijing is suing his university after he was allegedly expelled for having the rare hereditary blood disease haemophilia, reports said Friday, the latest case in China's long history of medical discrimination.

FANCM plays key role in inheritance

Scientists of KIT and the University of Birmingham have identified relevant new functions of a gene that plays a crucial role in Fanconi anemia, a life-threatening disease.

Light games with DNA

The diagnosis of hereditary diseases and the identification of genetic fingerprints hinge on high-sensitivity DNA imaging biotechnologies. These imaging tools detect specific genes in cells using fluorophores—fluorescent ...

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