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India, Pakistan must brace for even worse heatwaves

The devastating heatwave that gripped India and Pakistan over the last two months is unprecedented, but worse—perhaps far worse—is on the horizon as climate change continues apace, top climate scientists told AFP.

Looking back on climate extremes in 2021

In China, the year 2021 was marked by a series of highly unusual weather events, including record cold conditions in January, freak dust storms in spring and severe flooding in Zhengzhou in July.

World's largest map of kelp forest canopies now available

Kelp forests provide myriad benefits to nature and people in oceans around the world. They form the backbone of the ecosystems in which they are found, providing habitat and food for thousands of species. However, recent ...

Heatwave hotspots linked to urban agglomerations in Africa

Due to global warming, heatwave events will likely cause severe damage to natural ecosystems and human society. Urban areas are at higher risk owing to the significant economic activities carried out there and the populations ...

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