'Heat of hell': Saudi sun challenges hajj pilgrims

Mobile phones are overheating and the pavement feels like a frying pan but for Abdul al-Assad, intense desert heat is all part of the hajj pilgrimage in summertime Saudi Arabia.

Factors in the severity of heat stroke in China

Heat waves are predicted to be more frequent, intense, and longer lasting as the climate warms. This year, for example, India, Europe, and the United States all have experienced record-breaking heat. Not only do heat-related ...

Extreme heat's impact on labor

News stories of farmhands and other outdoor workers dying from heat-related impacts are stark reminders that few regulations exist to protect laborers from extreme heat. The average number of days U.S. agricultural workers ...

Western Europe wilts under heatwave

France suffered soaring temperatures Wednesday, edging closer to the blistering heat already engulfing Spain and Portugal as wildfires destroyed vast stretches of Western European forestland.

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