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Role of morphogens in tissue patterning in heart development

Morphogens are molecules that travel from cell to cell in order to pattern tissues in the embryo. These molecules are important not only for the embryo during development, but also for the adult during tissue repair. However, ...

'Synthetic embryo' breakthrough but growing human organs far off

Stem cell scientists say they have created "synthetic embryos" without using sperm, eggs or fertilization for the first time, but the prospect of using such a technique to grow human organs for transplantation remains distant.

Genetic defect leads to motor disorders in flies

In their study, the research groups looked at a protein called Creld. A study from Bonn had recently been able to demonstrate that Creld plays an important role in the development of the heart in mammals. "We wanted to find ...

How the zebrafish repairs a broken heart

An MDC research team led by Jan Philipp Junker and Daniela Panáková has found that zebrafish can regenerate heart tissue after injury. Connective tissue cells play an important role in the process by temporarily entering ...

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