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Secrets of thymus formation revealed

The thymus is a crucial organ of the immune system. In the thymus, the well-known T cells mature: As killer cells, they recognize and destroy virus-infected or malignant cells, and as so-called helper T cells they assist ...

Act of sabotage determines mammalian embryonic development

Alternative splicing is a fundamental biological process that allows cells to make many different types of mRNAs and proteins from a limited number of genes. For many animals, including humans, it is a feature that is essential ...

Human gut bacteria have sex to share vitamin B12

Your gut bacteria need vitamin B12 just as much as you do. Though DNA is usually passed from parent to child, new research shows gut bacteria transfer genes through "sex" in order to take their vitamins.

Adult stem cells transform faster with two lasers

Stem cell therapy requires a lot of human cells of a specific type. Shining a near-infrared laser on adult stem cells derived from human body fat makes the stem cells replicate 54% faster. Following that up with a green laser ...

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