EU fails to decide on glyphosate use extension

The EU failed Friday to agree extending the use of glyphosate—a weedkiller the WHO fears could be carcinogenic—because of division among the bloc's 27 member countries, a European Commission spokesman said.

NGOs accuse Bayer of hiding glyphosate risk data

An NGO grouping said Wednesday it had filed claims in an Austrian court alleging that chemicals firm Bayer withheld data showing health risks from exposure to its herbicide glyphosate, which the EU has proposed to keep using ...

Paris fumigates for tiger mosquitoes as pest spreads in Europe

Health authorities in Paris fumigated areas of the French capital for the first time on Thursday to kill disease-carrying tiger mosquitoes whose rapid advance through northern Europe is thought to have been accelerated by ...

France sizzles in late summer 'heat dome'

Millions of people in France sweated through a late summer heat wave on Monday, with record temperatures expected in the wine-growing Rhone valley region and a forest fire blazing in the southeast.

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