An AI-powered app that can detect poison ivy

Poison ivy ranks among the most medically problematic plants. Up to 50 million people worldwide suffer annually from rashes caused by contact with the plant, a climbing, woody vine native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, ...

How can we encourage responsible financial behavior?

Ph.D. candidate Shekinah Dare researched which psychological factors contribute to responsible financial behavior and well-being. She wants to use this knowledge to develop interventions to encourage people to manage their ...

Apps help integration and health of migrants

A new study has found that mobile apps can play a vital role in helping immigrants integrate into new cultures, as well as provide physical and mental health benefits.

To change coronavirus behaviours, think like a marketer

COVID-19 has been a humbling experience. From a frayed pandemic early-warning system to a shortage of personal protective equipment for front-line workers, public health experts have been playing catch up.

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