Hurricane Kay hits northwest Mexico before weakening

Hurricane Kay made landfall Thursday in northwestern Mexico before losing strength as it moved inland, bringing heavy rain to parts of the Baja California Peninsula, forecasters said.

The history of Lake Cahuilla before the Salton Sea

Today, the Salton Sea is an eerie place. Its mirror-like surface belies the toxic stew within. Fish skeletons line its shores and the ruins of a once thriving vacation playground is a reminder of better days. But long before ...

Sea lion colony in Mexico defies declining numbers

The population of California sea lions is down dramatically due to climate change, but in one natural refuge area off the coast of northwest Mexico, they are doing well and delighting tourists who dare to swim with them.

Guadalupe fur seals continue to recover as new colony discovered

Guadalupe fur seals (Arctocephalus townsendi) have established a large resting colony in the Gulf of California—bringing the total number of sites where this endangered species now occurs to just four. This new haul-out ...

Jumbo squid mystery solved

The culprit responsible for the decline of Mexico's once lucrative jumbo squid fishery has remained a mystery, until now. A new Stanford-led study published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science identifies shifting weather ...

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