Warming decimates Antarctica's emperor penguin chicks

Helpless emperor penguin chicks perished at multiple breeding grounds in West Antarctica late last year, drowning or freezing to death when sea ice eroded by global warming gave way under their tiny feet, scientists said ...

Cracking the mysterious case of dying desert forests

From above, the Southwestern U.S. is a sea of caramel and brown desert. Yet, a closer look uncovers small ribbons of green—desert forests that flourish along valuable springs and rivers. Wildlife thrives at these oases, ...

EU consumers 'export' environment damage to Eastern neighbors

European Union (EU) consumers are "exporting" negative environmental impacts to their Eastern European neighbors, while keeping the bulk of economic benefits linked to consuming goods and services, a new study reveals.

2022 water report: Global warming changing the water cycle

The third La Niña year in a row intensified existing droughts in the Americas, while causing floods in parts of Asia and Oceania, according to a first-of-its-kind report released today by the Global Water Monitor Consortium, ...

Drought declared in several parts of England

The UK government on Friday officially declared a drought across swathes of England, following months of record low rainfall and unprecedented high temperatures in recent weeks.

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