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The new model powering faster flood predictions

In July 2021, heavy rain fell across Central Europe, resulting in catastrophic flooding that killed more than 220 people and left a trail of destruction costing more than US $25 billion.

Model simulates global water supply

Hydropower, biomass power generation, wind power, hydrogen, photovoltaics—these terms quickly come to mind when talking about the energy mix of the future. An energy mix that is supposed to combat climate change by limiting ...

Thin-skinned solar panels printed with inkjet

Solar cells can now be made so thin, light and flexible that they can rest on a soap bubble. The new cells, which efficiently capture energy from light, could offer an alternative way to power novel electronic devices, such ...

Simple grid increases fuel cell efficiency by over 30 percent

TurbuGrid is the name of a small plastic grid approximately 16 x 16 cm that can markedly increase the efficiency of an air-cooled fuel cell stack. Tests by AAU researchers show an increase in efficiency of at least 33.5 percent, ...

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