Beijing roasts in record mid-June temperatures

Temperatures in Beijing hit a record for mid-June of 39.4 degrees Celsius (103 Fahrenheit) on Friday, China's meteorological authority said, warning the public to stay indoors.

CO2 cuts vs. cash: Climate talks stymied by stand-off

Pressure to speed cuts in carbon pollution took a back seat at UN climate talks that ended late Thursday night, as emerging economies, including China, demanded that rich ones vastly scale up climate financing.

Pond emission measurements improve climate predictions

There could be billions of shallow lakes and ponds on Earth, though lack of mapping systems makes it hard to know just how many exist. Together, they emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but emissions ...

Japan reports warmest spring on record

Japan experienced its warmest spring on record this year, the national weather agency said Thursday, as greenhouse gasses and El Nino send temperatures soaring worldwide.

Shanghai records hottest May day in 100 years

Shanghai recorded its hottest May day in 100 years on Monday, the city's meteorological service announced, shattering the previous high by a full degree.

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