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Report lays bare Australia's 'sobering' climate challenge

Rising temperatures are fuelling widespread environmental degradation across Australia and supercharging natural disasters, according to a government report released Wednesday in the wake of flash floods on the country's ...

Crown-of-thorns sea star from Red Sea is endemic species

Tropical coral reefs are among the most endangered ecosystems on Earth. In addition to climate change, coral-eating crown-of-thorns sea stars (Acanthaster spp.) pose one of the biggest threats in parts of the Indo-Pacific ...

Scientists try to bolster Great Barrier Reef in warmer world

Below the turquoise waters off the coast of Australia is one of the world's natural wonders, an underwater rainbow jungle teeming with life that scientists say is showing some of the clearest signs yet of climate change.

Sydney smashes annual rainfall records

Australia's most populous city Sydney smashed a 70-year annual rainfall record Thursday after a year marked by devastating east coast floods.

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