New tracking device to keep better tabs on wolves

Keeping up with the journeys of wolves and welfare of wild horses has never been easier. With a GPS wildlife tracker powered by an animal's own movements, University of Copenhagen researchers have solved a problem faced by ...

Nepal to strap some Everest climbers with GPS device

Some climbers attempting to scale Mount Everest during the upcoming spring climbing season will be strapped with a GPS device to locate them in case they are in trouble and to prevent false claims of reaching the summit, ...

Hidden GPS devices to track suspects raise legal concerns

For months, police trying to solve a Long Island robbery spree had little more to go on than grainy surveillance footage of a man in a hoodie and black ski mask holding up one gas station or convenience store after another.

Egg–stealing goannas get GPS trackers

Scientists at The University of Queensland are fitting goannas with GPS tracking devices as they search for ways to stop them devouring loggerhead turtle eggs.

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