Sheffield is the definitive home of football, new study confirms

A University of Sheffield study has demonstrated once and for all that Sheffield is the home of the beautiful game—sporting the oldest clubs, grounds, trophies and even many of the rules that shaped the way football is ...

French glitches put technology under review

The debate on using technology to help football referees took a twist on Thursday as the French league suspended its use of goal-line reviews following some "serious dysfunctions".

German company revels in World Cup controversy

The company that created the hi-tech cameras which ruled on a World Cup goal for the first time on Sunday is happily anticipating involvement in a growing number of football controversies, but not in its German home market.

Lack of climate action risks developing world gains, UN says

The rise of developing nations has cut poverty while the combined economies of Brazil, China and India are on a path to overtake wealthy nations, but failure to act on climate change could reverse those gains, a UN report ...

Goal-line technology and how it works

Ever since the dawn of football, governing bodies have been looking for ways to avoid controversial refereeing decisions.

Football: Goal-line technology now 'a necessity' - FIFA boss

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter said on Wednesday that the introduction of goal-line technology is a must after Ukraine appeared to equalise against England in their final Euro 2012 group match but the referee waved play on.

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