Study: New German govt's plans fall short of climate goal

A research institute's analysis has concluded that the incoming German government's plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient to put Germany on course to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris climate accord.

Are supply chain disruptions here to stay?

It's common knowledge that holiday shopping is going to be challenging this year due to the broken supply chain. Many favorite items—like game consoles, toys, clothing and shoes—will be in short supply. And if you're ...

Overseas trade has a hidden environmental 'disaster footprint'

Environmental disasters are increasingly a fact of life around the world. Each year, floods, droughts and landslides affect tens of millions of people, leaving vast human and economic destruction in their wake. The cost in ...

S.Africa's rooibos tea joins champagne on EU protection list

Like champagne, roquefort and Kalamata olives, South Africa's world-famous rooibos tea has been added to a European Union list of protected agricultural products and foodstuffs, an industry official said Wednesday.

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