Measuring biodiversity across the US with space-borne lidar

Diverse ecosystems support the web of life and in the process, provide food, water, medicine and materials for humanity. But the butterfly effect tells us all things are connected. So, when biodiversity loss threatens the ...

Computer scientists sequence cotton genome

Cotton is the primary source of natural fiber on Earth, yet only four of 50 known species are suitable for textile production. Computer scientists at DePaul University applied a bioinformatics workflow to reconstruct one ...

Global wildlife contaminated by 'forever chemicals'

From pandas to sea lions to tigers, hundreds of wildlife species across the globe are contaminated by potentially harmful "forever chemicals", according to a review of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

Climate deniers sow weather-map heatwave misinfo

Climate-change deniers have a viral way of spreading misinformation on social media during a heatwave: by publishing weather maps out of context to imply forecasters are exaggerating global heating.

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