Majority of Gen Z unaware of how meat consumption impacts climate

A survey of young Australians by a University of Sydney researcher found that while the majority believe climate change is anthropogenic—caused by humans—fewer than half understand the impact of livestock and meat consumption.

Envisioning net-zero food systems

A new assessment of over 60 scenarios based on current low-emission practices shows that realizing net-zero food systems will require widescale adoption of new technologies in the next two decades and changes in meat and ...

Dutch city to ban meat ads in world first claim

The Dutch city of Haarlem is set to become the first in the world to ban advertisements for most meat because of its impact on climate change, officials said Wednesday.

Researchers report faster screening of photoprotection in crops

Plants spend all day creating food from sunlight using photosynthesis—a 100+ step process that researchers have been working to improve its efficiency in crops to ultimately deliver more yield. When crop leaves are in full ...

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