China to replace Australia's popular giant pandas

China will loan Australia new "adorable" giant pandas to replace a popular pair that failed to produce offspring in more than a decade together, visiting Premier Li Qiang announced Sunday.

Singapore bids farewell to China-bound panda cub

Singaporeans bid farewell to a two-year-old panda cub on Wednesday as authorities prepared to send him to China where he will join the country's breeding program.

More than meows: How bacteria help cats communicate

Many mammals, from domestic cats and dogs to giant pandas, use scent to communicate with each other. A new study from the University of California, Davis shows how domestic cats send signals to each other using odors derived ...

Q&A: Is panda diplomacy over?

One of D.C.'s most famous families has officially left town. No, not the Obamas—the giant pandas at the National Zoo.

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