The benefit of redundancy in biological systems

When viewed from an engineer's perspective, biology is often messy and imperfect. For example, redundancy is a common feature of biological systems, with the job of one biological component overlapping with that of another.

Their time to slime: who will be 'Mollusc of the Year'?

Will you choose beauty? The carnivorous Wavy Bubble Snail, perhaps, with its billowing skirts shimmering under UV light. Or will it be age? Like the venerable 500-year-old Methuselah oyster.

Researchers construct pan-3D genome of soybean

High-order chromatin structure is a prerequisite for the function of cis-regulatory elements in the genome, which plays an important role in gene regulation. In eukaryotes, the organization of the three-dimensional (3D) genome ...

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