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How plants sound the alarm about danger

Just like humans and other animals, plants have hormones. One role of plant hormones is to perceive trouble—whether an insect attack, drought or intense heat or cold—and then signal to the rest of the plant to respond.

Advancing gene therapies: PIP pip hurray!

A new compound has the potential to bind to DNA and activate genes, which could lead to new treatments for cancers and hereditary diseases. Zutao Yu, Ganesh Pandian Namasivayam, and Hiroshi Sugiyama of Kyoto University's ...

A new way to regulate gene expression

Sometimes, unexpected research results are simply due to experimental error. Other times, it's the opposite—the scientists have uncovered a new phenomenon that reveals an even more accurate portrayal of our bodies and our ...

Gene expression regulation in Chinese cabbage illuminated

Doctoral student Ayasha Akter (Kobe University's Graduate School of Agricultural Science) and technical staff member Satoshi Takahashi (from the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science) have revealed the important role ...

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