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Examining instances when play can be painful

Beyond pleasure, is there emotional depth to play? Aaron Trammell, a researcher in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, answers this and related questions in a new book he wrote that examines differences ...

Exposure to accents helps children learn words

If elementary school children are accustomed to many regional and foreign accents because they hear them frequently in their linguistic environment, then it is easier for them to learn new words from other children who speak ...

Five reasons video games should be more widely used in school

In an effort to curtail how much time young people spend playing video games, China has banned students from playing them during the school week and limits them to just one hour per day on Fridays, weekends and holidays.

How teachers can use video games to motivate students

If you ask your teens to do their homework they'll find a thousand other things to do. But put them in front of a video game, and they'll focus on it for hours. How exactly do game designers create this kind of engagement? ...

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