Life experience shapes dogs' interaction with humans

 It's an everyday scene. Pooch wants a tasty-looking piece of cake that's sitting on the table. What does he do? He gazes longingly at the titbit, ogles his master or mistress, and glances back at the cake. This "conversation" ...

Restoring Mexico's mangroves can shield shores, store carbon

When a rotten egg smell rises from the mangrove swamps of southeast Mexico, something is going well. It means that this key coastal habitat for blunting hurricane impacts has recovered and is capturing carbon dioxide—the ...

Why the United States dominates the Nobels

No fewer than eight of this year's 13 Nobel winners were American citizens, extending a historic trend tied to the strength of US academia and its ability to attract top world talent.

Economics Prize wraps up unpredictable Nobel season

The Nobel Economics Prize on Monday wraps up a Nobel season characterised by surprising picks, with a number of women in with a chance of scooping the traditionally male-dominated prize.

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