3-D print a piece of Mars for the holidays

There's a galaxy of gifts out there for space nerds. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin may have just the thing to set your present apart: a model of Jezero Crater, the landing site of NASA's upcoming Mars 2020 ...

Quantum physics and origami for the ultimate get-well card

Paper-based diagnostic tests are cheap, convenient and biodegradable. However, their use is limited by conventional dyes—which are not bright enough to show trace amounts of analyte, are prone to fading, and can be environmentally ...

Supreme Court could limit software patents

The Supreme Court appears willing to make it tougher to approve patents for computer software in a case that is being closely watched by technology companies.

Scientists fight back in 'mutant flu' research row

Leading virologists on Wednesday warned of censorship after a US bioterror watchdog asked scientific journals to withhold details of lab work that created a mutant strain of killer flu.

Britain warns over state-sponsored cyber attacks

British Foreign Secretary William Hague issued a warning on Wednesday to countries which sponsor cyber attacks, at the close of a global cyberspace conference in London.

What causes traffic gridlock?

Everyday life enters a different phase on the Tuesday after Labor Day, the unofficial start of autumn in the United States. As students and employees return from vacation, and vehicles fully flood roadways once again, drivers ...

OECD forum stands by 'light touch' on Internet regulation

Key players in the Internet world stressed that the "light touch" approach to regulation, along with a free flow of information remained vital to life on the web, the OECD said on Wednesday after a two-day meeting.

Optimized by Evolution, Ants Don't Have Traffic Jams

(PhysOrg.com) -- As highway traffic increases, you'd probably expect a traffic jam, where vehicles slow down due to the high density. While traffic jams are a common occurrence on our highways, high density traffic has completely ...

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