Study ties fracking to another type of earthquakes

New research confirms fracking causes slow, small earthquakes or tremors, whose origin was previously a mystery to scientists. The tremors are produced by the same processes that could create large, damaging earthquakes.

How fracking could cushion oil price shocks

Fracking, or the extraction of oil and gas from shale rock formations, is suddenly more attractive with the surge in oil prices fueled by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The conflict threatens disruption of natural gas flows ...

Fracking comes at the expense of water quality

In a perspective piece that appears in the journal Science, Elaine Hill, Ph.D., an economist in the University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Public Health Sciences, calls for tighter regulation and monitoring ...

California to ban new fracking from 2024

California plans to stop issuing new fracking permits by 2024, Governor Gavin Newsom said Friday, as the state looks toward progressively halting fossil fuel extraction in the coming decades.

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