EU must adapt to warming continent: Officials

EU countries need to step up preparedness for global warming after 2023 burned its way into history books as the hottest year on record, European Commission officials said Tuesday.

World can't 'unplug' existing energy system: COP28 head

The president of the upcoming COP28 climate talks in Dubai called on Sunday for governments to abandon "fantasies" such as hastily ditching existing energy infrastructure in pursuit of climate goals.

Big promises, but can China be carbon neutral by 2060?

Xi Jinping's shock promise to lead the world into a safer climate future was thin on details, leaving many questions unanswered on how the world's worst polluter will meet a 2060 carbon neutral target.

Six climate change solutions we can all agree on

In the U.S., few issues seem to be as divisive as climate change. Although the science is unequivocal, political polarization has taken climate change hostage. Fortunately, there are solutions that people on both sides of ...

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