Methane emissions from energy sector rose in 2023: IEA

Planet-heating methane released by the fossil fuel industry rose to near record highs in 2023 despite technology available to curb this pollution at virtually no cost, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.

Plastic pellets blight Belgian town as EU weighs action

Buried in the soil, dotting riverbanks and bobbing along streams: a small Belgian town has waged a years-long fight against creeping pollution from plastic pellets—which the EU now has in its sights.

California faces an uphill battle against plastic

Given its green bona fides, it's no surprise that California was the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic bags 10 years ago. Many were hopeful that would make a dent in the plastic pollution crisis, one canvas ...

Obtaining hydrogen from vine shoots for biofuel production

A research team from the universities of Jaén and São Paulo in Brazil has confirmed that hydrogen can be obtained from vine shoots through a process that does not require fossil fuels and does not emit pollutants. With ...

Emissions and evasions in the battle against climate change

The world's top fossil fuel firms subtly reset online conversations about climate change by ignoring discussions of extreme weather in favor of sharing praise for their own sustainability work, according to a new research ...

'Unabated': a word to split the world at COP28

The outcome of the most important climate negotiations in years could rest on the ambiguity surrounding one linchpin term, according to experts: "unabated fossil fuels".

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