Climate change is turning trees into gluttons

Trees have long been known to buffer humans from the worst effects of climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Now new research shows just how much forests have been bulking up on that excess carbon.

Higher temperatures make it difficult for fig tree pollinators

Researchers from Uppsala University and elsewhere have been studying the effect of rising temperatures on the lifespan of pollinating fig wasps. The findings show that the wasps lived much shorter lives at high temperatures, ...

Tree species diversity enhances forest drought resistance

A research team led by Prof. Wang Tao and Dr. Liu Dan from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed that tree species diversity could enhance drought resistance in nearly half ...

Lightning strikes shape tropical forests

It's easy to see how droughts, fires and other features of the environment alter and determine the shape of a forest, from the trees that compose it, to where and which trees grow and live together.

Researchers study how urban trees affect environment

Everyone knows that trees provide shade. What may be less obvious are their contributions to evaporative cooling. Think of tree roots drawing water from the ground and pumping it to their leaves, which effectively sweat H2O, ...

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