Climate change drives Europe towards record fire year

The fires that have torched through Europe are on course to make 2022 a record year for forest loss on the continent, as scientists warn climate change is already contributing to ever fiercer blazes.

Long road ahead to hammer out UN biodiversity blueprint

Delegates from almost 200 nations have made little progress towards hammering out a blueprint for a global pact to protect nature from human activity, after almost a week of difficult talks in Nairobi.

Report: Maintaining and enhancing forest biodiversity in Europe

Biodiversity loss has been globally recognized as a major threat to ecological and socio-economic stability. The forest ecosystems of Europe, which include both natural and planted forests, provide habitats for numerous species ...

Strong scientific link between forests and human health

Marking two years since the current pandemic spread across the globe, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today released The Vitality of Forests, a new report synthesizing a mounting body of evidence that documents how human health ...

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