New method developed to detect and trace homemade bombs

Researchers at King's College London, in collaboration with Northumbria University, have developed a new way of detecting homemade explosives which will help forensic scientists trace where it came from.

Database for steganalysis of forensic evidence

There is nothing striking or remarkable about the tens of thousands of pictures an Iowa State University research team has spent the past 18 months collecting for a new database.

Equifax says 100,000 Canadians' data hacked

The personal information of 100,000 Canadians may have been compromised in a hack of Equifax revealed earlier in the month, the credit data company said Tuesday.

Global standard for determination of evidential value

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and the University of Twente's CTIT Institute will collaborate over the next four years to establish an ISO standard for the validation of methods used in the interpretation of forensic ...

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