Pinpointing accuracy: Research helps solidify evidence in court

Do you know what all of your fingerprints look like? Would you be able to tell whether the pattern of ridges and valleys on a fingerprint was made by you or by someone else? If so, you might have what it takes to be a fingerprint ...

What makes a voice unique?

A new digital speech database which captures how voices vary between different speakers or situations for the purpose of forensic speaker comparison has been launched by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Digital forensic examiners face stress, role-conflict

Despite playing an increasingly vital role in criminal investigations, digital forensic examiners face staffing cuts, heavy caseloads and stress within police departments that may not fully understand their responsibilities, ...

Cold case techniques bring mummy's face to life

( -- Thanks to the skills of artists who work on cold case investigations, people have a chance to see what the Oriental Institute’s mummy Meresamun may have looked like in real life.

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