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Using tweets to predict real-time food shortages

The sentiments and emotions expressed in tweets on Twitter can be used in real time to assess where supply chain disruptions due to a pandemic, war or natural disaster may lead to food shortages, according to researchers ...

Ukraine war rattles EU green farming plan

Scientists are urging Europe not to delay the transition to greener agriculture in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which threatens global wheat supplies and raises fears over food shortages.

ICON principles underused as a natural hazards research tool

Natural hazards have been responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses in the 21st century and pose a complex array of risks to human society, infrastructure, and the environment. These hazards—including ...

Sri Lanka lifts ban on weedkiller linked to cancer cases

Sri Lanka on Wednesday lifted its partial ban of a weedkiller subject to US lawsuits over claims it causes cancer, after abandoning a campaign to become the world's first completely organic farming nation.

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