'Bisexual' beetles are simply inept, new study finds

Same-sex mating behaviour amongst male insects is much more likely to be due to incompetence, than sexual preference, male-male competition or evolutionary motivation—according to new research from the University of East ...

For flour beetles, it's better to be a woman in a man's world

For red flour beetles, being a female in a male world is advantageous. Unlike humans, where this situation traditionally confers a disadvantage, female flour beetles in male-dominated groups seem to reproduce better and live ...

Dutch millers get fresh wind in their sails

An icy wind blows the windmill's soaring sails, turning them quickly and cranking the large stone wheels inside in a time-honoured method of grinding grain.

Genome of wheat ancestor sequenced

Sequencing the bread wheat genome has long been considered an almost insurmountable task, due to its enormous size and complexity. Yet it is vitally important for the global food supply, providing more than 20 percent of ...

Flour power to boost food security

The discovery of genes that determine the yield of flour from wheat could increase milling yield, boosting food security and producing a healthier flour.

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