What flood survivors actually need after disaster strikes

The floods ravaging Victoria have destroyed hundreds of homes and left at least one person dead. Some rivers are not expected to peak until Monday and more wet weather may leave towns battling floodwaters again in the coming ...

Researchers discuss equity in storm planning and response

Storms exacerbate inequalities. Increasingly frequent hurricanes and intense precipitation events hit hardest in communities with less ability to afford flood insurance, a higher percentage of homes near industrial plants, ...

Thousands more flee as Sydney floods track north

Thousands of people on Australia's east coast fled their homes Wednesday as torrential rains tracked north after unleashing floods in Sydney that submerged communities, roads and bridges under mud-brown water.

At-risk homeowners may forgo flood insurance

Fifteen million homes in the United States are at risk of flooding, according to the nonprofit First Street. And homes on the coasts aren't the only properties at risk.

Race influences flood risk behaviors

If you live in a flood prone area, would you—or could you—take measures to mitigate flood risks? What about others in your community? We are running out of time to ask this question according to The World Resources Institute, ...

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