Giant Australian animals were not wiped out by climate change

( —Researchers have ruled out climate change as the cause of extinction of most of Australia's giant animals, including giant kangaroos, three metre-tall flightless birds and the Tasmanian tiger, around 50,000 ...

Scientist cites enlarged skeletal muscles as reason birds exist

A developmental biologist at New York Medical College is proposing a new theory of the origin of birds, which traditionally has been thought to be driven by the evolution of flight. Instead, Stuart A. Newman, Ph.D., credits ...

Rare white kiwi chick hatches at NZ wildlife park

A rare white kiwi chick hatched at a New Zealand wildlife reserve will have a protected early life - unlike wild kiwis that face nonnative predators that are slowly wiping them out, an official said Thursday.

Prehistoric bird used club-like wings as weapon

Long before the knights of medieval Europe wielded flails or martial artists brandished nunchucks, it appears that a flightless prehistoric bird used its own wings as a similar type of weapon in combat.

Ostriches run fast because of 'springy' tendons

Australian and U.S. researchers studying the movement of ostriches have discovered the giant flightless birds can store double the elastic energy per step in their tendons than humans can. This considerably reduces the effort ...

Australian scientists unearth sabre-toothed cat

Australian scientists Thursday said they have unearthed the remains of a bizarre, prehistoric, sabre-tooth "cat" in an ancient former rainforest, where specimens stretch back 25 million years.

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