Invasive species are animals, too: Considering a humane approach

Invasive alien species are animals that may pose a threat to biodiversity, but it's time to deal with that threat in a more ethical way. "We need to take a humane, long-term view and learn to co-exist, as some species considered ...

Flaky compound to prevent computer chips from getting fried

A research team from Skoltech has improved the properties of a polymer used in 3D printing. By adding boron nitride "flakes" to the photopolymer, the scientists managed to double the material's thermal conductivity. This ...

Cognitive flexibility moderates teacher stress, shows study

As part of their work, educators are often exposed to various stressful events, including violence between students or towards teachers, sexual assault and suicidal behavior, as well as death or illness of students or their ...

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Flexibility may refer to:

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