How flashlight fish communicate with light signals in schools

Flashlight fish have the ability to generate situation-specific blink patterns resembling a visual Morse code. Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have shown in laboratory and field experiments that the animals use these ...

Student's flashlight works by body heat, not batteries

( —Ann Makosinski from Victoria, British Columbia, has an LED flashlight powered by body heat. This inventor has a flashlight that glows when she holds it. The story gets more interesting, though. She is 15 years ...

Tech review: Last-minute gifts for techies

It seems every company in the world is rolling out new or improved gadgets for the holiday shopping season. Here are some of the better items we've tested.

Handheld plasma flashlight rids skin of bacteria instantly

A group of Chinese and Australian scientists, including CSIRO, have developed a handheld, battery-powered plasma-producing device that can rid skin of bacteria in an instant. The handheld plasma flashlight could be used in ...

Innovation doesn't always carry a big brand name

The giants of the electronics industry make the big splash at the Consumer Electronics Show, as usual, with towering displays, celebrity spokespeople (Taylor Swift sang for Sony, live and in 3-D) and invitation-only soirees.