California wildfires grow amid warm temperatures, gusty winds

Crews battling wildfires across California on Tuesday, including the Post fire in Los Angeles County, face another day of warm summer heat and gusty winds that will push flames into tinder-dry fuel, weather forecasters warned.

The guardian angels of the source of the Seine

The river Seine, the centerpiece of the Paris Olympics opening ceremony in July, starts with a few drops of water in a mossy grotto deep in the woods of central France.

Peregrine falcons expose lasting harms of flame retardant use

Peregrine falcon populations across North America are heavily contaminated with harmful flame retardants–including those that have been phased out for years—according to a new study published in Environmental Science ...

Studying combustion and fire safety

Research on the International Space Station is helping scientists to understand how fire spreads and behaves in different environments and learn how to prevent and extinguish fires in space.

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